Reservation for Shabu-shabu Hatsuki Honten Nishijin in Fukuoka

updated: July 22th, 2024

Discover Hatsuki Honten, an exquisite restaurant in Sawara-ku, Fukuoka City. Indulge in premium pork and black wagyu shabu-shabu, along with other delicious menu options. With private rooms available, immerse yourself in a serene dining experience. Pay with PayPay or NexPay for convenience. Explore Hatsuki Honten today!

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    "Hatsuki Honten" is a restaurant located in Sawara-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
     It can be accessed on foot from Nishijin Subway Station.
     The restaurant has a stylish atmosphere and offers 70 seats.
    At this restaurant, you can enjoy a slightly high-end pork shabu-shabu lunch, such as pork shabu-shabu and black wagyu beef shabu-shabu.
     Particularly, the Yabakei pork shabu-shabu is highly praised for its cost performance.
     Sukiyaki using black wagyu beef or black pork is also a popular menu.
    The chefs pay attention to the ingredients and cook them carefully.
     The fatty and sweet pork shabu-shabu and marbled black wagyu beef are said to be exquisite.
     Furthermore, the meal includes rice, pickles, side dishes, dessert, and coffee, so you will be satisfied with both the volume and taste.
    "Hatsuki Honten" also has private rooms, making it recommended for those who want to enjoy their meal in a calm atmosphere.
     In addition, you can use PayPay and NexPay as payment methods.
    Please visit "Hatsuki Honten" and experience the wonderful atmosphere and delicious dishes.


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