Reservation for Unagidokoro Kurochodo Roppongi Hills in Tokyo

updated: July 12th, 2024

Explore delightful eel dishes at Unagidokoro Kurochodo Roppongi, located in Tokyo's Minato-ku district. Indulge in their specialty eel rice bowl and other tantalizing eel dishes. Located conveniently near Roppongi Station, this restaurant is a must-visit for eel lovers.

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    "Unagidokoro Kurochodo Roppongi" is a restaurant located in Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
     It is conveniently located just a 3-minute walk from Roppongi Station.
     The restaurant has a total of 22 seats, with 8 seats at the counter and 14 tables.
    One of the popular dishes at this restaurant is the eel rice bowl made with domestic white-grilled and kabayaki eel.
     It is visually stunning, with each piece of eel placed atop the rice, creating a luxurious impression.
     However, opinions on the taste are mixed, with some finding it average.
    In addition to the eel rice bowl, the restaurant also offers other dishes such as eel ham and eel roll, allowing customers to enjoy a variety of eel dishes.
     The white-grilled eel, in particular, is recommended to be eaten with just wasabi at first, as it is said to be delicious even on its own.
    The chefs at "Unagidokoro Kurochodo Roppongi" take pride in using high-quality ingredients and preparing their dishes with care.
     Notable features include the crispy yet fluffy texture reminiscent of Kansai-style cooking and the flavorful and spicy sauce that pairs perfectly with the rice.
     Additionally, the use of freshly ground sansho pepper adds a distinct aroma that is well-liked by customers.
    Located within Roppongi Hills, visitors can easily drop by "Unagidokoro Kurochodo Roppongi" while enjoying shopping or sightseeing in the area.
     We invite you to visit this restaurant to experience their delightful eel dishes.


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