Reservation for Yakiniku Horumon Ineda Meguro in Tokyo

updated: July 24th, 2024

Enjoy high-quality lean meat at Yakiniku Horumon Ineda in Kameido, Tokyo. Indulge in delicious yukhoe and grilled tongue shabu. Don't miss their excellent cold noodles. Visit now for a cozy dining experience!

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    Yakiniku Horumon Ineda is a restaurant located in Kameido, Tokyo.
     It is known for its high-quality meat, with a particular focus on lean cuts.
     The restaurant can be easily accessed from JR Kameido Station, just a 3-minute walk away.
    Inside, there are 42 seats available, including private rooms for a more intimate dining experience.
     Yakiniku Horumon Ineda is part of the Meat Yawaza group, ensuring that customers can enjoy top-notch meat of a guaranteed standard.
    The restaurant has received rave reviews, with customers praising the delicious meat and leaving satisfied.
     Popular menu items include yukhoe (Korean-style beef tartare) and grilled tongue shabu.
     The cold noodles are also highly recommended and considered to be excellent.
    The chefs at Yakiniku Horumon Ineda take great care in selecting high-quality ingredients and preparing them with skill.
     Their expertise shines through, especially when it comes to grilling the horumon and yakiniku dishes.
    We invite you to visit Yakiniku Horumon Ineda and experience the pleasure of savoring delicious meat in a cozy atmosphere.


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