Reservation for 89 Teppanyaki Takasaki in Gunma

updated: June 09th, 2024

Explore exquisite gourmet dining at 89, a hidden gem in Takasaki City, Gunma. Indulge in luxurious course meals, featuring delectable Hokkaido Mitsuishi beef fillet. Delight in the elevated garlic rice, made using new rice. Book your exclusive, members-only experience at 89 and savor refined flavors in a serene atmosphere.

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    89 is a restaurant located in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture.
     It is just a 6-minute walk from Takasaki Station.
     The interior of the restaurant has only counter seats, with 8 seats available.
    At this restaurant, you can enjoy course meals made with luxurious ingredients.
     One highly recommended dish is the Hokkaido-produced Mitsuishi beef fillet.
     It is lean and tender, with a rich flavor that allows you to fully appreciate the natural taste of the meat.
    In addition, the garlic rice has evolved to be even more delicious by using new rice.
    89 is also known as an upscale, members-only, reservation-only hideaway for adults.
     It quietly stands behind the Forest Church, creating a true hidden gem atmosphere.
    The chefs at 89 are dedicated to using high-quality ingredients and providing creative dishes.
     The menu, particularly the dishes using gourmet ingredients like Jamón Serrano and Kaname sea bream from Shizuoka Prefecture, has received great praise.
    Please visit 89 and experience it for yourself.


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