Reservation for SteakMonster Ogikubo Suginami in Tokyo

updated: June 11th, 2024

Looking for delicious Angus beef steak and homemade hamburgers? Visit A5Kurogewagyusenmonten SteakMonster in Ogikubo, Tokyo. Enjoy the perfect umami flavor and juicy Matsuzaka beef hamburgers. Don't miss out on this delightful dining experience!

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    A5Kurogewagyusenmonten SteakMonster Ogikubo is a restaurant located in Tennuma, Suginami-ku, Tokyo.
     It is a 7-minute walk from the north exit of Ogikubo Station.
     The interior of the restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere and has 22 table seats.
    This restaurant offers a menu that includes Angus beef thigh steak and beef 100% homemade hamburgers.
     In particular, the Angus beef thigh steak 150g is served on a sizzling skillet, allowing you to enjoy the perfect umami flavor.
     The hamburgers come in four different flavors, and the ponzu sauce adds a refreshing taste.
    The chefs at A5Kurogewagyusenmonten SteakMonster Ogikubo are committed to using high-quality ingredients and prepare each dish with care.
     The Matsuzaka beef hamburgers, in particular, are juicy and delicious.
     The restaurant also offers a variety of appetizers and desserts, allowing you to further enjoy your meal.
    Please come and visit A5Kurogewagyusenmonten SteakMonster Ogikubo.


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