Reservation for Chojamachi Yakiniku Washin Nagoya in Aichi

updated: June 03th, 2024

Discover the exquisite yakiniku in Nagoya, Aichi. Chojamachi Yakiniku Washin offers a variety of fresh meat dishes and a stylish dining experience. Indulge in the finest yakiniku at this renowned restaurant.

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    "Chojamachi Yakiniku Washin" is a yakiniku restaurant located in Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture.
     The restaurant is situated on the 2nd floor of Cent Square Building, and it is conveniently accessible from Sakae Station on the Higashiyama Line, Fushimi Station on the Tsurumai Line, and Marunouchi Station on the Sakura-dori Line, all within a 5-6 minute walk.
    The interior of the restaurant exudes a stylish atmosphere and features smokeless roasters.
     With a seating capacity of 56, there are 6 counter seats, 12 table seats, 4 table private rooms, and 16 sunken kotatsu seats, as well as a VIP room with 16 seats.
    Chojamachi Yakiniku Washin offers a wide range of menu options, with their various types of fresh meat dishes like "Yukke" and "Tan" being particularly popular.
     The "Sirlion Yukke" and desserts are also highly praised.
    The chefs strive to provide high-quality yakiniku, and the combination of raw meat dishes like Yukke, Tan, and Sirloin with champagne is exceptional.
     The restaurant also boasts a diverse selection of wines, allowing guests to enjoy their delicious yakiniku alongside fine beverages.
    Please note that this article introduces the charm of Chojamachi Yakiniku Washin by providing information about the restaurant, its dishes, and its chefs.
     We encourage you to visit the restaurant yourself and experience it firsthand.


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