Reservation for Ginza Kanimitsu in Tokyo

updated: May 23th, 2024

Indulge in delicious crab dishes at Ginza Kanimitsu, conveniently located in Ginza, Tokyo. Enjoy a variety of fresh crab delicacies prepared with skill and care. Perfect for special occasions or business entertainment, the restaurant offers a wide range of lunch options. Visit us and savor the exquisite flavors of our luxurious crab dishes.

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    "Ginza Kanimitsu" is a restaurant located in Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
     It is conveniently situated just a 1-minute walk from Ginza Station.
     The restaurant has 56 seats and offers a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy your meal at a leisurely pace.
    This restaurant prides itself on serving dishes made with fresh crabs.
     Particularly, their wide variety of crab dishes, such as hairy crab and king crab, are very popular and served using various cooking methods.
     Each dish, whether it be the steamed hairy crab or the grilled king crab with miso marinade, is meticulously prepared.
    The chefs of Ginza Kanimitsu are dedicated to carefully selecting the ingredients and preparing high-quality dishes.
     The staff also strive to provide polite and attentive service, creating a comfortable dining experience.
    Ginza Kanimitsu is perfect for special occasions and business entertainment, but their lunch menu is also extensive.
     They offer course menus, set meals, and crab shabu-shabu sets, providing a variety of options.
    At Ginza Kanimitsu, you can savor the skill of the chefs and the deliciousness of the ingredients.
     Please visit us to indulge in luxurious crab dishes.


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