Reservation for Tempura Ginza Tenichi Hakata in Fukuoka

updated: May 02th, 2024

Discover delicious tempura dishes at Ginza Tenichi Hakata in Fukuoka. Located in Hakata-ku, just a short walk from Hakata Station, enjoy a range of classic and creative tempura options. Affordable and with excellent service, it's the perfect choice for lunch or dinner near Hakata Station.

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    Ginza Tenichi Hakata is located in Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, and it is situated on the 9th floor of JR Hakata City.
     It is very convenient to access the restaurant, as it is just a 94-meter walk from Hakata Station.
     The restaurant has a total of 48 seats, with 8 counter seats and 38 table seats available.
    This restaurant specializes in tempura dishes, with popular choices including lunch sets and tempura bowls.
     The dishes are highly praised for their generous portions and delicious flavors, making it a well-known establishment.
    The chefs at Ginza Tenichi Hakata have a history of 80 years of experience and they carefully select and prepare their ingredients.
     As a result, they are able to serve truly delicious dishes without causing any discomfort.
    While Ginza Tenichi Hakata exudes a luxurious atmosphere, its lunch menu is also known for its affordability.
     The staff members are friendly and provide excellent service, earning them many repeat customers.
    At this restaurant, you can enjoy a variety of tempura dishes, ranging from classic options to more creative and playful variations.
    Ginza Tenichi Hakata is highly recommended for those seeking delicious tempura near Hakata Station.
     Whether it's for lunch, dinner, or a special occasion, this restaurant is a great choice.


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