Reservation for Sukiyaki Ginza Yoshizawa in Tokyo

updated: April 17th, 2024

Discover the traditional taste of sukiyaki at Ginza Yoshizawa, located in Chuo-ku, Tokyo. Indulge in their selection of quality meat cuts and pair it with a wide range of sake. Immerse yourself in an elegant atmosphere and impeccable service. Visit us for lunch or dinner and enjoy a delicious culinary experience.

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    Ginza Yoshizawa is a restaurant located in Chuo-ku, Ginza, Tokyo.
     It is easily accessible by walking from Ginza subway station or JR Yurakucho station.
     The restaurant has 108 seats and offers a calm atmosphere.
    At this restaurant, they mainly serve sukiyaki, and there are four types of meat cuts available.
     They also have a wide selection of sake that pairs well with sukiyaki.
    The chefs utilize their years of experience to provide a traditional taste.
     The exceptional customer service and conversations, typical of a well-established restaurant, are highly regarded.
     The team of ladies in kimono work together to offer delicious meals and drinks.
    In addition to sukiyaki, they also have other menu items such as omurice and udon.
     Private rooms are available for a relaxed dining experience.
    Ginza Yoshizawa is a long-established restaurant founded in 1924, and you can feel its elegance in the service and ambiance.
     The prices of the dishes are reasonable, especially the sukiyaki pot set, which is priced at 1650 yen.
    However, due to its popularity, they only accept group reservations on Saturday evenings.
     It is also recommended to arrive early on weekdays, as there may be queues even before opening.
    You can visit Ginza Yoshizawa for lunch or dinner.
     The chefs pay attention to the ingredients and carefully prepare the dishes, allowing you to enjoy delicious cuisine.
    We invite you to visit Ginza Yoshizawa at least once.


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