Reservation for Ginza Yakiniku Usshisshi in Tokyo

updated: June 06th, 2024

Enjoy the best yakiniku in Tokyo at Ginza Yakiniku Ussissi. Indulge in their specialty hormone and rare cuts, located in Chuo-ku.

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    Ginza Yakiniku Ussissi is a yakiniku restaurant located in Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
     It is easily accessible on foot from Ginza-itchome Station and Kyobashi Station.
     The interior has a calm atmosphere and provides seating for 33 guests.
    At this restaurant, you can enjoy their famous hormone and rare cuts of meat.
     Particularly popular are the "soft and fluffy hormone" and "rare cuts.
    " The liver sashimi is also recommended.
     In addition to alcoholic beverages such as beer and shochu, they also offer a variety of wines and champagnes.
     the "deliciously spicy yang noodles" is a popular dish that even those who are not fond of spiciness can enjoy.
     You can also add rice and enjoy it like a porridge.
    This restaurant also serves lunch, offering yakiniku lunch sets and hamburger lunch sets.
     The rice is free refillable, making it popular among male customers.
    Ginza Yakiniku Ussissi is a hidden gem of a yakiniku restaurant located underground.
     Come and experience their specialty hormone and rare cuts in the serene setting.
     Please do visit us once.


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