Reservation for Hibiya Kanimitsu in Tokyo

updated: May 23th, 2024

Enjoy a variety of delicious crab dishes at Hibiya Kanimitsu in Chiyoda, Tokyo. Perfect for special occasions or entertaining guests.

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    "Hibiya Kanimitsu" is a restaurant located in Yurakucho, Chiyoda ward, Tokyo.
     It is just a 2-minute walk from Hibiya Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line.
     The restaurant has 84 seats and also offers 12 terrace seats.
    At this restaurant, the focus is on crab dishes, with the 18,500 yen course being particularly popular.
     This course allows guests to enjoy not only crab but also meat dishes.
     When visited on a Thursday, about 60% of the seats were occupied, but the spacious interior keeps noise to a minimum.
    Many international visitors also frequent the restaurant, and while the food is praised for being delicious, some have pointed out areas for improvement in terms of service.
     However, the atmosphere and sense of luxury that one can experience here give a taste of "Japan" and make it suitable for entertaining clients and guests.
    Furthermore, there have been highly satisfied comments from customers who celebrated their mother's birthday at the restaurant.
     They were able to enjoy unlimited a la carte menu items and give a special birthday celebration to their mother, even though she was far away.
    There are also those who discovered this restaurant through a viral video featuring crab shabu-shabu on social media and visited with their family.
     They enjoyed not only the crab dishes but also other menu items and had a great time.
    Additionally, some have expressed awe after visiting the restaurant as it is the successor to "Kani Kosen" that used to be in Marunouchi.
     The interior has become incredibly beautiful, and private rooms allow guests to enjoy luxurious course meals with dishes like live hairy crab or crab shabu-shabu.
    Furthermore, the relocation to "Hibiya Midtown" has improved accessibility.
     Particularly during lunchtime, customers can enjoy dishes using live hairy crab directly from Hokkaido, such as kani suki (crab hot pot) and kani kara-yaki (grilled crab shell).
     It is popular for special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays, with menu items like the "Mini Kaiseki Course" and "Premium Beef Steak" being favorites.
    However, some reviews have mentioned issues regarding the provision of food.
     There have been instances where the dipping sauce or broth for dishes like sukiyaki and shabu-shabu were missing, or where an additional order for clam rice was not fulfilled.
     There might be room for improvement in the composition of the courses.
    "Hibiya Kanimitsu" is a restaurant where you can enjoy a variety of crab dishes.
     They provide delicious food with a focus on high-quality ingredients and careful preparation.
     It is a recommended spot for special occasions or entertaining guests.


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