Reservation for Yakiniku Jojoen Ginza Corridor in Tokyo

updated: May 31th, 2024

A luxurious yakiniku restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo. Enjoy premium cuts of grilled meat in a cozy setting. Visit Jojoen Ginza Corridor for a delightful dining experience.

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    Jojoen Ginza Corridor is located in Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, and can be accessed from JR Yurakucho Station and Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and Marunouchi Line.
     The restaurant has 86 seats and offers a cozy atmosphere for enjoying meals.
    This restaurant is highly praised for its luxurious service and delicious cuisine.
     In particular, their grilled meat is a signature menu item and consistently offers a delightful taste.
     They emphasize on the quality of the meat and the cooking method, providing premium cuts such as special selection beef loin and special selection kalbi for customers to savor.
    During lunchtime, various courses are available, including the Service Yakiniku Lunch and Cut-off Lunch.
     These sets also come with side dishes such as salad, kimchi, namul, and soup, offering generous portions.
    The chefs pay great attention to ingredients and utilize their meticulous cooking techniques to serve delicious dishes.
     In particular, the stone-grilled bibimbap, harami (skirt steak), and kalbi are highly recommended.
    Jojoen Ginza Corridor is an attractive restaurant that offers a luxurious atmosphere and delicious cuisine.
     Please consider visiting to enjoy their premium yakiniku.


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