Reservation for Kagurazaka Fukinuki in Tokyo

updated: April 27th, 2024

Discover the best eel dishes in Tokyo at Kagurazaka Fukinuki. Located in Shinjuku, this restaurant offers delicious grilled eel on rice and hitsumabushi. Taste the perfect combination of flavorful eel and exquisite sauce in a cozy atmosphere. Experience the satisfaction of quality ingredients and precise cooking techniques. Visit Kagurazaka Fukinuki for an unforgettable eel dining experience in Shinjuku.

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    "Kagurazaka Fukinuki" is a restaurant located in Nishigokencho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.
     The restaurant is situated approximately 8 minutes on foot from Kagurazaka Station Exit 1 on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line or about 336 meters from Kagurazaka Station.
    The interior of the restaurant has a beautiful atmosphere and can accommodate 27 seats.
     There are 5 counter seats, 16 table seats, and 6 private rooms, providing a private space to enjoy your meal.
    This restaurant mainly serves eel dishes, with the "Unadon" (grilled eel on rice) and "Hitsumabushi" being popular menu items.
     Particularly, the "Unadon" features domestic farmed eel with a plump and flavorful meat with a nice layer of fat.
     The rice is also cooked just right and goes perfectly with the elegant sauce.
    The chefs are dedicated to selecting the finest ingredients and utilize precise cooking techniques to present their dishes.
     As a result, the cuisine at "Kagurazaka Fukinuki" is filled with deliciousness and satisfaction, earning high praise from many people.
    Be sure to visit "Kagurazaka Fukinuki" and enjoy the delicious eel dishes and the lovely atmosphere.


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