Reservation for Kani-ya Nagoya in Aichi

updated: May 23th, 2024

Savor delicious crab dishes at Kani-ya Nagoya in Nakamura Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. Indulge in their specialty crab miso nigiri and deep-fried crab shell. Enjoy an unforgettable dining experience with quality ingredients and unique cooking methods.

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    Kani-ya Nagoya is located in Nagoya City, Nakamura Ward, Aichi Prefecture, and can be accessed on foot from JR Nagoya Station or Meitetsu Nagoya Station.
     The spacious restaurant has 220 seats, including tatami-style, sunken kotatsu, and chair seating options.
     It is also child-friendly, with available child seats.
    This restaurant specializes in crab dishes, with the deep-fried crab shell and crab miso nigiri being particularly popular.
     They also offer a variety of course menus, providing a well-balanced and satisfying dinner option.
    The chefs at Kani-ya Nagoya are passionate about using quality ingredients and employ unique cooking methods to bring out the full flavor of the crab.
     They also offer seasonal limited menus such as Eho-maki (directional sushi roll) and Zuwai crab suki set.
    With its calm atmosphere and private rooms, Kani-ya Nagoya is suitable for business dinners or gatherings with friends.
     However, some reviews have mentioned the need for improvement in the quality of dishes and customer service.
    We invite you to visit Kani-ya Nagoya and enjoy their delicious crab dishes.


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