Reservation for Kappo Yamaji Shinbashi in Tokyo

updated: June 25th, 2024

Discover Kappo Yamaji, a hidden gem in Tokyo's Minato-ku. Indulge in their exquisite cuisine highlighting natural flavors. Perfectly paired with a selection of alcoholic beverages. Book your unique dining experience now.

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    "Kappo Yamaji" is a restaurant located in Minato-ku, Tokyo, near Shimbashi station.
     Upon exiting the Hibiya Gate of Shimbashi station, you will pass through the SL Square and continue towards the building owned by Kanbe Tochi.
     Then, you will find the restaurant on the 2nd floor of a building three houses down from Uomori Shrine.
     The interior of the restaurant has a calm and relaxed atmosphere, with a counter seating for five and two tables with four seats each.
    At Kappo Yamaji, they serve dishes that highlight the natural flavors of the ingredients.
     The overall balance of the dishes is remarkable, and although the variety is not extensive, you can enjoy them with a selection of alcoholic beverages.
     However, the timing between each dish might be too long, which could disrupt the overall tempo.
    The chefs at Kappo Yamaji respect the quality of the ingredients and create simple yet refined culinary delights.
     Especially in the latter half of the meal, you can satisfy your appetite with dishes like soba noodles and eel rice bowl, which pairs well with drinks.
    This restaurant is like a hidden gem known only to enthusiasts, and it gives off an aura of "knowing such a place.
    " The service is warm and friendly, making you want to come back for more.
    However, please note that the location might be a bit difficult to find, and you may need to check Google Maps multiple times while passing by.
     Once you ascend the narrow staircase, you will find a small counter with a few seats and two tables in a slightly worn-out setting.
    The dishes at Kappo Yamaji are meticulously crafted, and they taste even better than they look.
     They particularly complement Japanese sake, making it irresistible to keep pouring.
    Kappo Yamaji is a hidden restaurant on the 2nd floor of a small building, where you can have a splendid time.
     The demeanor of the chefs and staff also adds to the positive impression of the place.
    This restaurant operates by reservation only and offers set courses featuring seasonal ingredients for those who want to enjoy the pairing of food and Japanese sake.
    If you are within walking distance from Shimbashi station, be sure to visit "Kappo Yamaji" and experience it for yourself.


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