Reservation for Kobe Beef Kisshokichi Honten Motomachi in Hyogo

updated: June 03th, 2024

Enjoy delicious Kobe beef dishes at Kobegyu Kisshokichi Honten in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture. Indulge in grilled meat on rice, meat sushi, and sirloin steak. Visit this renowned restaurant near Motomachi Station for an unforgettable dining experience.

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    Kobegyu Kisshokichi Honten is located in Motomachi-dori, Chuo Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture.
     It is a 3-minute walk from Motomachi Station.
     The restaurant has 70 seats and also offers private rooms for 4 to 35 people.
    At this restaurant, you can enjoy dishes made with Kobe beef.
     The popular choices include Yakiniku Juu (grilled meat on rice), Niku Sushi (meat sushi), and sirloin steak.
     Reviews praise the deliciousness of the food, with some even calling it unbeatable.
    The restaurant is also frequented by international visitors, with some mentioning stopping by while visiting Nankinmachi (Kobe's Chinatown).
     However, a few reviews express disappointment.
    The chefs emphasize the use of quality ingredients and take great care in their cooking.
     The 80g rare cuts like Kobe beef steak and roast beef are particularly renowned for their exquisite taste.
    While this article excludes information about the COVID-19 pandemic and current events, it does highlight the fact that this restaurant is a safe place to dine.
    Please do visit and experience it for yourself.


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