Reservation for Sukiyaki Kuroya Nishinakasu Nakasukawabata in Fukuoka

updated: June 13th, 2024

Enjoy delicious shabu-shabu and sukiyaki at Kuroya Nishinakasu in Fukuoka City. Located in Chuo-ku, this restaurant offers high-quality meat and a relaxed atmosphere. Perfect for gatherings or intimate dates.

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    Kuroya Nishinakasu is a restaurant located in Nishinakasu, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
     It is a 5-minute walk from Nanakuma Line’s Tenjin Minami Station and Karatsu Jinja Mae Station, and 1 minute from Haruyoshi Bridge.
     It is also 440m away from Nakasu Kawabata Station.
    The restaurant has 30 seats, including 3 booths for 4 people each and a raised tatami seating area for up to 18 people.
     The interior has a calm atmosphere, allowing guests to relax.
    At this restaurant, you can enjoy shabu-shabu and sukiyaki.
     They have a variety of courses for group reservations, making it a recommended choice for year-end parties, New Year parties, and welcome or farewell gatherings.
    In addition to private dining rooms, you can also enjoy a cozy date.
     The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 17:30 to 22:30 (last order for food at 21:30 and drinks at 22:00).
     It is closed on Mondays and Sundays (except for irregular holidays).
    The restaurant is also renowned for its high-quality and generous portioned meat, especially the Saga beef sukiyaki set, which is popular among diners.
     The taste is excellent, and the price is balanced.
    The chefs at Kuroya Nishinakasu are dedicated to using premium ingredients and cooking with great care.
     The skill and technique really shine through, especially in the dishes made with Saga beef.
     The interior of the restaurant provides a relatively quiet and relaxed atmosphere, making it perfect for intimate gatherings or dates with 2 to 4 people.
    Please make sure to visit Kuroya Nishinakasu when you have the chance.


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