Reservation for Japanese Nikukappo Miyata Shimogyo in Kyoto

updated: June 13th, 2024

Discover the best of Kyoto cuisine at Kyotonikukappo Miyata. Indulge in delicious meat dishes and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere. Located conveniently in Kyoto City, near Kyoto Station.

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    Kyotonikukappo Miyata is a restaurant located at 656 Itasutsucho, Nishi-Shinmachi, Shimo-kyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.
     It is conveniently accessible from Kyoto Station, only an 8-minute walk away, with a distance of 612 meters.
    The interior of the restaurant is renovated from an old house, giving it a cool atmosphere, especially with its cobblestone entrance.
     It has 12 seats, all of which are counter seats.
    The operating hours are from 12:00 to 14:00 for lunch and from 17:00 to 22:30 for dinner.
     The restaurant's regular holidays are irregular.
    Kyotonikukappo Miyata offers course meals that combine meat and Kyoto ingredients, all of which are delicious dishes.
     The most noteworthy aspects are the depth of flavor and satisfaction they provide.
     Additionally, the convenient location within walking distance from the station is also highly praised.
    The chefs are committed to meticulous work, providing dishes that prioritize quality ingredients.
     Particularly notable menu items include meat soup simmered for two days and Kyoto beef served in a kappo style.
     The restaurant also offers a wide selection of domestic whiskies, allowing guests to enjoy meat and alcohol in a relaxed atmosphere.
    Kyotonikukappo Miyata is a restaurant with delicious food and a calming ambiance.
     We highly recommend visiting it at least once.


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