Reservation for Nihonshu Yakitori Momo Shin-Fukushima in Osaka

updated: April 27th, 2024

Enjoy delicious yakitori and a wide variety of Japanese sake at Nihonshu Yakitori Momo Fukushima in Fukushima Ward, Osaka City. Savory skewers and premium sake await you.

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    "Nihonshu Yakitori Momo Fukushima" is located in Fukushima Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, just a 1-minute walk from Shin-Fukushima Station on the JR Tozai Line and a 3-minute walk from Fukushima Station on the Hankyu Main Line.
     The restaurant has 28 seats and offers a cozy atmosphere where you can enjoy your meal at a leisurely pace.
    This restaurant specializes in yakitori, with menu items such as sand guts and bonjiri being highly recommended.
     The yakitori is cooked with a delicate salt seasoning, making it a perfect match for Japanese sake.
     There are also two private rooms available for those who wish to enjoy a lively gathering with a small group.
    The chefs at "Nihonshu Yakitori Momo Fukushima" are committed to using high-quality ingredients and employing meticulous cooking techniques to serve delicious dishes.
     The course menu offers a variety of options including a set of 7 skewers and a rice ball to finish, and you can also add a drink-all-you-can option.
    The restaurant also offers an extensive selection of Japanese sake, including "Mutsumi Okuhachi," "Shirataka Senwain Kobo Hyoontsu," "Gikyou Tomogara," and "Shirataka Sen Junmai Ginjo.
    " The ice-aged sake, in particular, is highly popular for its smooth and mellow flavor.
    "Nihonshu Yakitori Momo Fukushima" is a yakitori restaurant located in Fukushima Ward, Osaka City, where you can enjoy delicious yakitori and a wide variety of Japanese sake.
     We invite you to visit us and experience it for yourself.


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