Reservation for Yakiniku Nikuya Kudan Nagoya in Aichi

updated: June 17th, 2024

Enjoy the best yakiniku in Nagoya at Nikuya Kudan. Located in Chikusa-ku, Nakamura-ku, our restaurant offers a trendy atmosphere and delicious Akagyu and Wagyu beef. Come and experience our flavorful dishes.

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    Nikuya Kudan is a restaurant located in Nagoya, Chikusa-ku, Nakamura-ku, 7 minutes' walk from Nagoya Station and 210m from Kokusai Center Station.
     The restaurant has 70 seats and offers a spacious environment to enjoy your meal.
    At this restaurant, they serve Akagyu beef, which is similar to game meat, and their menu is mainly focused on lean cuts.
     However, some people have mentioned that while the meat is lacking in umami, it is quite salty.
     On the other hand, their black Wagyu beef yakiniku is highly praised for its deliciousness.
    Furthermore, they are known for their stylish interior and exterior as a new and trendy yakiniku restaurant.
     They offer various dishes with Tosa beef as their main ingredient.
     They also have unique menu items such as paprika and zucchini namul.
     The staff is friendly and you can enjoy your meal in a relaxed atmosphere.
    In addition, they offer a variety of dishes including "Akagyu" and "Thick-Cut Akagyu Steak", as well as "Wagyu Tongue Yaki Shabu", and their Akagyu yaki shabu is particularly popular for its tender meat and refreshing taste.
     They also have Korean dishes such as Namul Assortment and Solongtang Soup.
    The chefs at Nikuya Kudan are committed to using high-quality ingredients and cooking with great care.
     Especially their thick-cut Akagyu steak is perfectly prepared by the staff.
     They also have a wide range of side dishes, allowing you to enjoy authentic flavors.
    Nikuya Kudan is highly regarded as a yakiniku restaurant in Nagoya.
     Not only can you enjoy Tosa beef and Akagyu, but also the stylish atmosphere and attentive service are appealing.
     It is a great place to visit for a date, girls' night out, or social gathering.
     We highly recommend paying them a visit.


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