Reservation for Omi beef Yakiniku Dodoitsu Kusatsu in Shiga

updated: May 28th, 2024

Enjoy refined yakiniku dishes using Omi beef at Omi beef Yakiniku Dodoitsu. Located in Shiga Prefecture, this restaurant offers a comfortable setting and expertly cooked dishes. Don't miss out on this delectable experience.

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    "Omi beef Yakiniku Dodoitsu" is a yakiniku restaurant located in Oji, Shiga Prefecture.
     It is situated approximately 221m from Oji Station, making it easily accessible.
    The interior of the restaurant has a calm atmosphere, with private rooms available for guests.
     Although the exact number of seats is not specified, it provides a comfortable environment for enjoying a meal at a relaxed pace.
    There is no information provided regarding the operating hours, so the specific opening hours are unknown.
     However, based on reviews, it is possible that the restaurant operates on a reservation system.
    This establishment offers refined yakiniku dishes using Omi beef, with a wide variety of menu options.
     Reviews mention that it is a sister restaurant to "Kyoto Tsuyushabu CHIRIRI" and "Omi beef ATARU," allowing guests to savor high-quality Omi beef.
    The specific names and contents of the dishes are not specified, but various dishes such as "Appetizers," "Yukhoe (Korean raw beef dish)," "Aburi sashimi (seared raw fish)," and "Kimchi" are mentioned in the reviews.
     Additionally, review mentions dishes such as the "Ultimate Omi beef tongue," "Select thick-cut Harami (skirt steak)," "Select lean-meat trio (Hi, Uchibo, and Jowabara prime fillet)," and "Select marbled sirloin".
    The chefs at this restaurant pay meticulous attention to the ingredients and ensure careful cooking techniques.
     Of note, the "Chateaubriand" is highly praised for its deliciousness, showcasing the chefs' skills.
    In summary, "Omi beef Yakiniku Dodoitsu" is a yakiniku restaurant in Oji, Shiga Prefecture, where guests can enjoy refined yakiniku dishes using Omi beef.
     With private rooms available, it offers a comfortable setting to savor a meal, while the expertise of the chefs shines.
     We highly recommend visiting this establishment.


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