Reservation for Yakiniku Otona No Kobe Beef Yakiniku Umeda in Osaka

updated: June 17th, 2024

Enjoy exquisite Kobe beef yakiniku at Otona No Kobegyu Yakiniku in Umeda Ohatsu Tenjin, Osaka. Indulge in the best quality meat dishes and savor the taste of Kobe beef. Visit us and experience the hidden gem of Osaka.

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    Otona No Kobe Beef Yakiniku, located in Umeda Ohatsu Tenjin, Osaka, is a restaurant that specializes in Kobe beef yakiniku.
     It can be easily accessed by walking from Umeda Station or JR Osaka Station.
     The interior of the restaurant has a hidden gem-like atmosphere and offers a relaxing space.
     There are a total of 12 seats, consisting of 8 counter seats and 4 table seats, and the restaurant can also be reserved for private events.
    At this restaurant, you can enjoy a variety of yakiniku dishes with Kobe beef as the highlight.
     The menu includes hearty meat dishes, kimchi and namul assortments as appetizers, as well as specialty dishes like seared yukhoe (Korean beef tartare) and roast beef.
     Popular options also include beef tongue tasting, salt-grilled dishes, and quick-seared shabu-shabu.
     To finish off the meal, you can savor a bowl of rice with beef broth.
    The skilled chefs at Otona No Kobegyu Yakiniku have extensive experience, including those who previously worked at famous establishments like Manryo and Matsushita.
     They are committed to using high-quality ingredients and preparing each dish with care.
     The taste of Kobe beef, which has been carefully selected from various ranches, is especially exquisite.
    Otona No Kobe Beef Yakiniku in Umeda Ohatsu Tenjin is renowned as a hidden gem in Osaka and is highly regarded by many.
     We invite you to visit and indulge in the exquisite Kobe beef yakiniku they offer.


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