Reservation for Teppanyaki President Chibo Kita Kitashinchi in Osaka

updated: June 10th, 2024

Discover the best okonomiyaki and teppanyaki in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture. President Chibo Kita offers a luxurious dining experience with high-quality ingredients and a captivating atmosphere.

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    President Chibo Kita is located in Sonezaki Shintochi, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture.
     It is conveniently located a 2-minute walk from JR Kitashinchi Station.
     The restaurant has 31 seats and offers a calm atmosphere where you can enjoy your meal at a leisurely pace.
    This restaurant specializes in okonomiyaki, and many people are satisfied with its visual appeal and taste.
     The fluffy okonomiyaki, which combines meringue, and delicious shrimp, provide a satisfying eating experience.
     In addition, you can also enjoy premium teppanyaki, earning it the reputation of being a "luxury version of okonomiyaki".
    The chefs at President Chibo Kita are committed to using high-quality ingredients and preparing them with care.
     The salmon meuniere, abalone, and sirloin steak are particularly exquisite.
     The "Kei" course allows you to enjoy Japanese black beef loin, half-sized okonomiyaki, yakisoba, and more.
    Not only is the food delicious at President Chibo Kita, but the atmosphere is also lovely, and you can enjoy watching the chefs cook right in front of you.
     There is also a wide variety of wines to choose from, allowing you to select one that complements the season and ingredients.
    Please consider visiting President Chibo Kita.
     You will be able to indulge in delicious okonomiyaki and teppanyaki unique to this restaurant.


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