The 4 Best Ramen in Kagoshima

updated: August 17th, 2023

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    "Noriichi" is a long-established ramen restaurant located in Kagoshima City.
    Their signature dish is a salt ramen with chashu, and they offer a recommended topping of green onions for those who love them.
    It's the perfect bowl to enjoy after drinking alcohol, as it is refreshing.
    You can also visit the shop when you come to Tenmonkan, where you can experience the atmosphere of Kagoshima.
    The prices are affordable, making it wallet-friendly.One of the unique features of the shop is that the staff is very helpful, even before opening hours.
    The appearance of the ramen is also beautiful, with round, straight noodles that have a firm texture.
    The soup is clear and light, with a deliciousness that makes you want to drink it all."Noriichi" is known as a long-established Kagoshima ramen shop and offers not only rich, but also light ramen.
    The exterior and interior have a retro atmosphere, with counter seats and raised tatami-seating available.
    Another unique feature is the food ticket vending machine system where you can purchase your meal ticket.Detailed information about the chef or additional details is not provided, but we have introduced the shop information and the characteristics of the dishes.
    Please try Kagoshima ramen at "Noriichi" when you have the chance.


    【Store Introduction】Kagoshima Ramen Butatoro Tenmonkan Honten is located in Yamanokuchi-cho, Kagoshima City.
    The opening hours are from 11:00 to 3:30 (last order), and the store is open on Sundays, but the regular holidays are irregular (there are holidays during New Year's).
    As for transportation, it is a convenient location, with a 3-minute walk from the "Takamibabba" tram stop, a 4-minute walk from the "City Hospital Mae" tram stop, and a 7-minute walk from the "Tenmonkan-dori" tram stop.
    It is also accessible from JR Kagoshima Chuo Station (East Exit) in a 20-minute walk, and only 225m from Takamibabba Station.
    The inside of the store has 25 seats, with 7 counter seats and 18 tatami seats.【Cuisine Introduction】The ramen at Kagoshima Ramen Butatoro Tenmonkan Honten is known for its tonkotsu soup made with chicken bones and bonito flakes.
    The first bite may give a rich impression, but it has a light aftertaste.
    The soft chashu pork and thin noodles go well together, making it a perfect meal for supper.
    The crispy texture of the garlic chips is also a nice accent.【Chef Introduction】There is no detailed information about the chef, but the recommended dish at Kagoshima Ramen Butatoro Tenmonkan Honten is the Butatoro Chashu.
    It has a melt-in-your-mouth texture that you won't forget once you try it.Above is the store introduction of Kagoshima Ramen Butatoro Tenmonkan Honten.


    Located in Kagoshima City, Ramen Kogindai is a popular ramen shop that offers a taste of Kagoshima-style tonkotsu ramen.
    The restaurant has a seating capacity of 32, with 24 counter seats and 2 tables for 4 people each.
    Opening hours are from 11:30 to 15:00 and 18:00 to 03:30 the next day, with Sunday also being open.
    The shop is accessible from the tram stops "Tenmonkan-dori Denchi" or "Kotochuo Chugakko-mae Denchi," both about a 7-minute walk away, and also from Kotochuo Chugakko-mae Station on foot.
    The specialty of the shop is tonkotsu ramen, featuring a light soup with plenty of sliced chashu pork that pairs well with thin noodles.
    A particular highlight is the fried rice, flavored with ramen soup and highly regarded for its taste.
    The concept of the shop is to provide tonkotsu ramen that is accessible to people from the city.
    Furthermore, the interior is adorned with many signs, indicating its popularity among customers.


    "Zabon Ramen Kagoshima Central Station branch" is a popular Kagoshima ramen chain store located in Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture.
    The store is conveniently located just a 30-second walk from Kagoshima Central Station.
    The restaurant has 42 seats and is open from 10:00 to 23:00.
    The lunchtime is especially busy, but you can enter without waiting.The charm of this restaurant is its vegetable-rich and rich ramen.
    It is said to be delicious when combined with their special sauce.
    They also offer mini ramen, which is perfect for a quick bite.
    Furthermore, they have a variety of side menus such as fried rice and pork bowl.This restaurant has received high ratings in reviews and is loved by locals in Kagoshima.
    It is also known for its generous portion sizes at reasonable prices, which is another attraction.The chef at the Kagoshima Central Station branch was trained by the first owner, who continues to provide delicious flavors.
    Their fried rice, in particular, is a moist Kagoshima-style dish that pairs well with drinks.At the Kagoshima Central Station branch, you may have to wait during lunchtime, but the turnover is fast, so the wait is not long.
    They have also recently started offering takeout.That concludes the introduction of Zabon Ramen Kagoshima Central Station branch.