Reservation for Robata No Sato Osaka-Namba in Osaka

updated: June 10th, 2024

Robata No Sato Osaka-Namba: A taste of Osaka in Chuo Ward. Enjoy sake and delicious dishes in a peaceful atmosphere.apatkan Ramen rekomendasi untuk Anda yang ingin menikmati Ramen di sekitar Shinjuku. Informasi Ramen di Shinjuku ada di sini.

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    "Robata No Sato Osaka-Namba" is a restaurant located in Namba, Osaka, in the Chuo Ward of Osaka Prefecture.
     It is accessible by foot from Namba Station and Osaka-Namba Station.
     The restaurant has both counter and table seating, with a total of 32 seats available.
    This restaurant offers a wide variety of sake and delicious dishes.
     One highly recommended dish is the "Tai Chazuke" or sea bream rice soup.
     Their hamo (pike conger) tempura and sashimi are also popular menu items.
    The chefs at this restaurant take pride in their attention to detail and use of high-quality ingredients.
     Their expertise especially shines through in signature dishes like sea bream rice and assorted sashimi.
    We invite you to visit this wonderful restaurant and enjoy its delicious cuisine in a peaceful atmosphere.


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