Reservation for Sumibi Yakitori Sakamori Kitashinchi Honten in Osaka

updated: April 12th, 2024

Experience the exceptional taste of charcoal-grilled skewered chicken at Sakamori Kitashinchi Honten. Located in Osaka City Kita Ward, indulge in the delectable flavors of yakitori and a wide selection of beverages.

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    "Sakamori Kitashinchi Honten" is a restaurant located in Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, in the Kita Ward's Dojima area.
     It is conveniently located a 3-minute walk from Kitashinchi Station on the JR Tozai Line and also a 3-minute walk from Nishi-Umeda Station on the Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line.
    The interior of the restaurant exudes a cozy atmosphere and offers a seating capacity of 15, with 7 counter seats and 2 tables accommodating 4 guests each.
     The regular business hours are from 17:00 to 23:30, but with prior reservation, they can open at 16:30 on weekdays and 14:30 on weekends and holidays.
    This restaurant specializes in charcoal-grilled skewered chicken, known as yakitori, and is highly acclaimed for its exceptional taste and quality of both the yakitori and beverages.
     It offers various courses, where the prices for female customers are set lower than for male customers, providing the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of skewered items, including delicacies like white liver and rare cuts.
     They also boast an extensive selection of wines and whiskies, with attentive staff available to provide recommendations and guidance.
    "Sakamori Kitashinchi Honten" also offers all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink courses, where after being served appetizers and a selection of predetermined skewers, customers can freely order additional items.
     The menu also includes dessert and options for a satisfying ending to the meal.
    The skilled chefs at the restaurant have a strong focus on ingredient quality and meticulously prepare each dish.
     The juiciness of the grilled chicken and the variety of salt options used are particularly highly regarded.
    "Sakamori Kitashinchi Honten" is a restaurant situated in Dojima, Kita Ward, Osaka City, where you can savor delicious charcoal-grilled skewered chicken.
     We recommend paying a visit to experience it for yourself.


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