Reservation for Yakiniku Sangubashi Ibusana in Tokyo

updated: May 05th, 2024

Experience the finest yakiniku in Tokyo at Sangubashi Ibusana. Indulge in exclusive, rare meats paired with meticulous grilling techniques. Located in Shibuya-ku, Sangubashi Ibusana is a must-visit for meat lovers in Tokyo.

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    "Sangubashi Ibusana" is a yakiniku restaurant located in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
     It is conveniently located just a 3-minute walk from Sangubashi Station on the Odakyu Line.
     The restaurant has 12 seats, including private rooms that can accommodate up to 4 people.
    At this establishment, you can enjoy the carefully selected meat, which is the pride of the owner, Kei Kurusu.
     They offer rare varieties of beef, such as "Ibusana beef" which is only shipped 10 times a year, and if you're lucky, you may even get to taste "Takenoya Kusari beef" which is only available once a year.
     They also serve various other dishes, including tartare steak and ham from Ham Factory Giro.
    The chefs at Sangubashi Ibusana pay meticulous attention to the ingredients and prepare them with great care.
     In particular, the owner, Kei Kurusu himself, is in charge of grilling the yakiniku and his presentation is impeccable.
     The dishes made with the unique meats such as "Ibusana beef" and "Takenoya Kusari beef" are truly exceptional and worth a try.
    Sangubashi Ibusana is a must-visit for meat lovers.
     You can enjoy the special meats that can only be tasted here, as well as the skillful techniques of the chefs.
     We highly recommend you to visit and experience it for yourself.


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