Reservation for Teppanyaki Setsugekka Hanare Sannomiya in Hyogo

updated: May 17th, 2024

Enjoy a luxurious dinner experience at Setsugetsuka Hanare, a Kobe beef teppanyaki restaurant in Chuo-ku, Kobe City. Indulge in tenderloin and sirloin cuts of A5 rank Kobe beef, complemented by delicious vegetables and garlic rice. With a Michelin star and a pleasant ambiance, it's perfect for special occasions or adult dates. Don't miss out on the exquisite aged Kobe beef and spiny lobster. Visit us today!

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    Setsugetsuka Hanare is a Kobe beef steak teppanyaki restaurant located in Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture.
     The nearest station is Sannomiya Station on the JR lines, which is an 8-minute walk away.
     The restaurant is located on the 8th floor of La Doree Kobe Sannomiya Building and has 25 seats, all at the counter.
    At this restaurant, you can enjoy A5 rank Kobe beef.
     You can also try both tenderloin and sirloin, allowing for a luxurious dinner experience.
     In addition to the meat, the vegetables and garlic rice are also delicious.
    The restaurant offers a view of the night skyline, making it a great choice for a date.
     They also offer the option to share dishes like Chateaubriand and fillet among three people.
     With a well-stocked wine cellar, it is recommended for special occasions.
    Setsugetsuka Hanare has been awarded one Michelin star and the chefs are committed to using high-quality ingredients and preparing them with care.
     The aged and tender Kobe beef, as well as the Ise Ebi (spiny lobster), are particularly exquisite.
    Please do visit us sometime!


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