Reservation for Shabu-Shabu KINTAN Honten Daikan-yama in Tokyo

updated: April 17th, 2024

Enjoy delicious shabu-shabu in Tokyo's Shibuya-ku at Shabu-Shabu KINTAN Honten. Experience high-quality ingredients, diverse meats, and all-you-can-eat vegetables. Great atmosphere and attentive service. Visit us today!

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    Shabu-Shabu KINTAN Honten is located in Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
     It is easily accessible by walking from Daikanyama Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line, Ebisu Station on the JR Line, and Ebisu Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line.
     The restaurant has a seating capacity of 55, including counter seats, table seats, and private rooms.
    At this restaurant, you can enjoy shabu-shabu.
     You can choose from a variety of meats and broths, and vegetables are all-you-can-eat.
     In addition, the set comes with a mini beef stew and side dishes, making it cost-effective.
    The chefs at Shabu-Shabu KINTAN Honten are dedicated to using high-quality ingredients and cooking with care.
     The tongue shabu-shabu, in particular, is praised for its tenderness and deliciousness, and the menu also offers a wide range of options.
    The atmosphere of the restaurant is chic and cozy.
     The service is excellent, with staff even seeing customers off to the stairs.
     The attention to detail is appreciated by many.
    Please visit Shabu-Shabu KINTAN Honten and enjoy delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere.


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