Reservation for Teppanyaki SHI-JUN Neyagawa in Osaka

updated: June 05th, 2024

Specialized restaurant for beef fillet located in Neyagawa City, Osaka Prefecture. Indulge in delicious meat dishes prepared by skilled chefs in a stylish and hidden-away atmosphere. High-quality meat and exceptional service make Shi-Jun a perfect choice for special occasions.

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    "Shi-Jun, a specialized restaurant for beef fillet, is located in Neyagawa City, Osaka Prefecture.
     It can be conveniently accessed by a short walk from Keihan Neyagawa City Station.
     The restaurant offers seating options including 6 counter seats, table seating, and private rooms.
    The operating hours are from 17:00 to 23:00 (last order at 22:00), but please note that the business hours and regular holidays may be subject to change, so it is recommended to check with the restaurant before visiting.
    At Shi-Jun, you can indulge in delicious meat dishes.
     They offer course menus featuring Chateaubriand and fillet, among others.
     It's worth mentioning that the dishes are prepared by the staff in front of you, which may raise concerns for some customers regarding leaving the cooking to the staff.
    The restaurant has a stylish and hidden-away atmosphere.
     The menu includes not only a variety of meat options but also soup, appetizers, grilled vegetables, marinated dishes, egg rice, and dessert.
     The grilled vegetables and meat, cooked in a smokeless steam oven, are praised for their tenderness and juiciness.
    The chefs at Shi-Jun have a strong commitment to quality ingredients and meticulous cooking.
     The sauce, made by dissolving a large, sweet pickled plum in soy sauce, in particular, is highly regarded for its unique and delicious taste.
    Shi-Jun is a restaurant ideal for special occasions and celebrations.
     With its high-quality meat and exceptional service, you can truly appreciate its value.
    We invite you to visit Shi-Jun and experience it for yourself.


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