Reservation for Shibuya Sushi Matsumoto in Tokyo

updated: June 25th, 2024

Indulge in fresh and exquisite sushi at Shibuya Sushi Matsumoto, located just a 3-minute walk from JR Shibuya Station. With its well-balanced taste and skilled chefs, this popular restaurant offers a delightful sushi experience. Come and savor the flavors of Shibuya's finest sushi.

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    "Shibuya Sushi Matsumoto" is a restaurant located in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, just a 3-minute walk from JR Shibuya Station.
     The restaurant has 24 seats and exudes a calm atmosphere.
    This restaurant is popular for its sushi made with fresh fish, and the size of the rice is just right, creating a well-balanced taste.
     The luxurious course options, such as a 6-item appetizer platter and a 3-item sea urchin platter, receive high praise from customers.
    The chefs have extensive experience in Japanese cuisine and skillfully craft each piece of sushi, resulting in a delicate texture that melts in your mouth.
     Additionally, the progression of the dishes is paced perfectly, enhancing the flavors of each dish.
    The restaurant primarily offers course menus, with options such as Omakase Nigiri Course and Special Omakase Nigiri Course.
     However, additional orders from the à la carte menu are also possible.
    We invite you to visit Shibuya Sushi Matsumoto and indulge in their fresh sushi.


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