Reservation for Sumiyaki Unafuji Shirakabe Bettei Amagasaka in Aichi

updated: July 02th, 2024

Experience the delicious eel cuisine in Nagoya at Sumiyaki Una Fuji Shirakabe Bettei. Located in Higashi-ku, enjoy high-quality dishes in a traditional atmosphere. Make a reservation and savor the local specialty of Hitsumabushi and grilled eel. Open for lunch and dinner.

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    "Sumiyaki Una Fuji Shirakabe Bettei" is a restaurant located in Higashi-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.
     The nearest station is "Amagasaka Station" on the Meitetsu Seto Line, which is about a 7-minute walk away.
     For those who are driving, there are approximately 25 parking spaces available in front of the restaurant and behind the store's northwest side.
    This restaurant takes pride in serving delicious dishes in a traditional atmosphere using an old house.
     Particularly popular are the local specialties such as Hitsumabushi and grilled eel, making it known as part of the "Una Fuji" series of restaurants.
     It is recommended to make a reservation in advance as it is considered a must-visit establishment.
    As seen in the reviews, this restaurant offers not only high-quality cuisine but also a calm atmosphere and a beautiful garden to enjoy.
     Private rooms are also available, making it suitable for private dining or business gatherings.
    The chefs are committed to using high-quality ingredients and preparing each dish with care.
     Especially the raw eel is exquisite and has been praised to fit the theorem "raw eel at an eel restaurant is delicious" discovered by a friend.
     The Hitsumabushi and grilled eel rice bowl are also recommended, and the flavor is further enhanced by pouring the broth over them.
    The restaurant has 94 seats, providing a spacious dining space to relax and enjoy a meal.
     The opening hours are from 10:45 to 14:00 for lunch and from 17:00 to 21:00 for dinner.
    At "Sumiyaki Una Fuji Shirakabe Bettei," you can savor the delicious eel cuisine that is a specialty of Nagoya.
     With its serene atmosphere and high-quality cuisine, this restaurant is perfect for dining with loved ones.
     It is recommended to make a reservation before visiting.


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