Reservation for Yakiniku Suragan Ebisu Honten in Tokyo

updated: May 14th, 2024

Enjoy traditional Korean royal cuisine at Suragan Ebisu Honten, located in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. Indulge in delicious dishes in a calming atmosphere just a minute walk from Ebisu Station.

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    "Suragan Ebisu Honten" is located in Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, and is just a 1-minute walk from Ebisu Station.
     The restaurant has 60 table seats, creating a calm atmosphere for enjoying meals.
    This restaurant offers Korean royal cuisine, which is particularly popular among women.
     It is known for its unique appearance and eating style, and the lunchtime menu is reasonably priced and delicious.
     It is recommended to order Posam Kimchi, Jeon (Korean pancake), and Jjim (steamed dish) in the evening.
    The chefs pay attention to the ingredients and prepare dishes with care.
     The specialty dishes such as bulgogi made with Japanese black beef and Tteokgalbi (grilled short rib) are especially impressive.
     The bulgogi is made with high-quality ingredients and the Tteokgalbi is rich in collagen, making them both incredibly delicious.
    At "Suragan Ebisu Honten," reservations are not accepted, so there may be a line before opening hours, but it is worth the wait.
     The side dishes (panchan) are also abundant, and the spice level of the stew (chige) can be adjusted.
     The lunch menu is also extensive, offering great value for money.
    Located on the basement floor of a building right next to Ebisu Station, it is easily accessible.
     Please visit "Suragan Ebisu Honten" at your convenience.


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