Reservation for Tempura Azabu Yokota Ebisu in Tokyo

updated: May 07th, 2024

Enjoy delicious tempura at Tempura Azabu Yokota Ebisu, located in Tokyo's Shibuya-ku. Indulge in exquisite tempura dishes made with high-quality ingredients, paired with Akaboshi sake. Don't miss their must-try tempura made with shrimp and golden eye snapper. Conveniently located near Ebisu Station, this restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere and private rooms with stunning night views. Visit Tempura Azabu Yokota Ebisu for a delightful tempura experience.

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    "Tempura Azabu Yokota Ebisu" is a restaurant located in Ebisu Garden Place, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
     It is conveniently situated just a 5-minute walk from Ebisu Station.
     The restaurant has 25 seats and offers a relaxed atmosphere for enjoying a meal.
    This restaurant specializes in tempura dishes, which are highly regarded for their exquisite taste.
     In particular, the tempura made with shrimp and golden eye snapper is a must-try.
     They also cater to allergies and individual preferences.
     The lunch course offers a variety of dishes at a reasonable price, and they even provide birthday plates for special occasions.
    The chefs at this restaurant are dedicated to using high-quality ingredients and creating a delicate and crispy tempura coating.
     They recommend pairing the tempura with "Akaboshi," a type of Japanese sake, to enhance the flavors even more.
    Private rooms are also available at this restaurant.
     From these rooms, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the night scenery in Ebisu, making it an ideal place for special occasions or dates.
    "Tempura Azabu Yokota Ebisu" is a place where you can indulge in delicious tempura.
     We highly recommend visiting this restaurant.


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