Reservation for Tempura Kappo Tenzan Ikebukuro in Tokyo

updated: April 05th, 2024

Here are some recommended tempura restaurants in and around Toshima-ku, Tokyo. For information on tempura in Toshima-ku, this is the place to go.

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    "Tempura Kappo Tenzan" is a restaurant located in Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo.
     It takes an 8-minute walk from the East Exit of Ikebukuro Station and is also 427m away from Zoshigaya.
    The restaurant has a seating capacity of 41, with a 1st-floor counter and a table on the B1 tatami room.
    One of the most famous dishes at this restaurant is the "Oyako Tori Tendon" (parent and child chicken tempura over rice bowl).
     Other popular menu items include the "Jyo Tendon" (premium tempura over rice bowl) and the "Tempura Teishoku" (tempura set meal).
     The Jyo Tendon is topped with a generous serving of prawns, conger eel, smelt, sweet potato, shiitake mushrooms, bell peppers, and eggplant.
    The chefs at Tempura Kappo Tenzan are dedicated to selecting the finest ingredients and refining their cooking techniques.
     Some customers have described the tempura as 'indescribably delicious, especially when enjoyed on tatami mats'.
     Others have praised the restaurant for offering a serious meeting atmosphere while providing heartwarming and delicious food.
    Due to its limited seating and high demand, reservations are required at this restaurant.
     Lunch hours are from 11:30 to 14:00, and dinner hours are from 18:00 to 21:00.
     However, please note that once the rice runs out, the restaurant will close, so it is advisable to arrive early.
    In addition to serving delicious tempura, Tempura Kappo Tenzan is also praised for its calm atmosphere and attentive service.
     We invite you to visit and experience the culinary skills and exquisite dishes prepared by the chefs.


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