Reservation for Tempura Koromo Second Season Yushima in Tokyo

updated: April 29th, 2024

Tempura Koromo Second Season: A popular tempura restaurant in Tokyo's Bunkyo Ward. Enjoy delicious tempura made with seasonal ingredients. Don't miss out on their famous tempura prawns. Conveniently located near Yushima Tenjin shrine.

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    Tempura Koromo Second Season is a tempura specialty restaurant located in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo.
     The restaurant is a 4-minute walk from Yushima Station and a 7-minute walk from Hongo-sanchome Station.
     The interior has a hidden gem-like atmosphere and a cozy private feeling.
     It has a seating capacity of 19, with 7 counter seats, 4 table seats, and 8 sunken kotatsu seats.
    This restaurant offers tempura made with seasonal ingredients, and the set meals and mini tendon are particularly popular.
     They also serve various tempura dishes, such as young ayu fish, young corn, and eggplants.
     The dishes are all of satisfactory quality, and the batter is light and delicious, receiving praise.
    The chefs pay attention to the ingredients and cook them carefully.
     The tempura prawns, in particular, are said to be the most delicious, with a light and crispy texture.
     They use 100% rice oil, resulting in a refreshing taste that doesn't make you feel heavy, even if you eat a lot.
    The ambiance of the restaurant is also lovely, and during lunchtime, you can enjoy a tempura set meal for 2000 yen.
     At the counter seats, you can enjoy both the salt and dipping sauce, allowing you to savor it according to your preferences.
     The evening atmosphere is also great, and you can enjoy sake and other alcoholic beverages.
    Tempura Koromo Second Season is located near Yushima Tenjin, making it convenient to drop by after visiting the shrine.
     It has received high ratings from many satisfied customers and has also garnered a desire to revisit.
     Please come and visit at least once.


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