Reservation for Tempura Nakasei Asakusa in Tokyo

updated: April 10th, 2024

Tempura Nakasei: Enjoy exquisite tempura in Asakusa, Tokyo. Indulge in crispy delicacies made with premium ingredients. Experience exceptional taste and service.

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    "Tempura Nakasei" is a long-established tempura restaurant located in Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo.
     The restaurant can be easily accessed by foot from Asakusa Station and the Ginza Line's Asakusa Station.
     With a seating capacity of 60, the restaurant also offers private rooms for a more intimate dining experience.
    This establishment is renowned for its delicately crispy tempura batter.
     Only the finest and carefully selected ingredients are used, including succulent prawns, thick cuttlefish, and thick eel fillets.
    The chefs at Tempura Nakasei are dedicated to using premium ingredients and meticulously preparing each dish.
     Their tempura is deep-fried in fragrant sesame oil, following the Kanto-style, resulting in the characteristic dark and crispy texture.
     The dipping sauce is strong and spicy, complementing the flavors of the tempura perfectly.
     The attentive and pleasant service provided by the staff enhances the overall dining experience.
    In addition to their exquisite tempura, Tempura Nakasei also offers luxurious set meals like the "Raijinage-don" and "Joten-don.
    " Various types of kakiage (mixed vegetable or fish tempura) are also available to enjoy.
    Established during the Meiji era, Tempura Nakasei is steeped in tradition and boasts an elegant building and beautiful garden, adding to its charm.
     We invite you to visit and indulge in their superb cuisine and exceptional atmosphere.


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