Reservation for Tempura Tenhaku in Chiba

updated: April 04th, 2024

Experience delicious tempura dishes at Tempura Tenhaku Yoshikawa-koen in Chiba. Indulge in the light and crispy batter and skillful cooking of the chefs. Enjoy the flavors of high-quality ingredients and attentive service.

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    Tempura Tenhaku is a restaurant located in Chiba.
     It is situated on the 1st floor of the Ishii Building.
     The restaurant is accessible by a 15-minute walk from JR Chiba Station or by bus.
     It is also about a 5-minute walk from Yoshikawa Park Station on the Chiba Urban Monorail.
    This restaurant only offers counter seats, with a total of 6 seats available.
     The operating hours are divided into two parts, with the first part from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM, and the second part from 6:00 PM until closing time, which may vary.
     The restaurant is closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays, but it is recommended to check with the establishment before visiting as operating hours and closing days may change.
    Now, at "Tempura Tenhaku", they serve delicious tempura dishes.
     It has received high praise from many people, particularly for its "light and crispy batter" and "skillful cooking".
     The quality of ingredients, such as "Meikin" potatoes, is also highly regarded.
    The chefs bring their years of experience into play, using their unique cooking techniques for frying tempura.
     By frying each ingredient at the appropriate temperature through low-temperature or ultra-low-temperature cooking methods, they bring out the natural sweetness and original flavors of the ingredients.
    Furthermore, the menu changes with the seasons, allowing guests to enjoy new flavors every visit.
     The chefs are committed to using high-quality ingredients and carefully preparing each dish.
    The restaurant has a calm and comfortable atmosphere, and the chefs strive to provide attentive service to each customer.
     They are happy to answer questions and accommodate requests, creating a friendly atmosphere that encourages casual conversations.
    The price range mainly consists of course meals, starting from approximately 18,500 yen.
     The course menu offers a variety of tempura dishes featuring ingredients such as shrimp and chili peppers.
    "Tempura Tenhaku" is a highly regarded restaurant in Chiba City.
     Its delicious tempura dishes and attentive service have earned it the love of many customers.
     We highly recommend visiting and savoring the flavors it offers.


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