Reservation for Teppanyaki Teppan DINING Saya Sendagaya in Tokyo

updated: May 26th, 2024

Teppan DINING Saya: A hidden gem restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Enjoy delicious teppan-grilled dishes in a cozy atmosphere. Perfect for special occasions or entertaining guests. Don't miss the Premium Course and Teppan-grilled Ise Lobster. Visit us for a unique dining experience.

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    Teppan DINING Saya is a restaurant located in Naitocho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.
     It can be accessed by taxi from Shinjuku Station South Exit, and is also close to Chidorigafuchi Station and Shinnanomachi Station on the JR Sobu Line and Chuo Line, as well as Yotsuya-Sanchome Station and Shinjuku-Gyoemmae Station on the Marunouchi subway line.
     The restaurant has 16 seats, including 10 counter seats and 6 table seats.
    This restaurant adopts a membership system, and as the name "Teppan DINING Saya" suggests, you can enjoy a special atmosphere.
     The owner and his son personally serve the dishes, creating a cozy atmosphere.
     Moreover, the meat and other ingredients carefully selected by the owner ensure a high-quality dining experience.
    The menu offers delicious dishes that are cooked on the teppan (iron plate), such as the "Premium Course," "Teppan-grilled Ise Lobster," "Assortment of Seasonal Grilled Vegetables," "Teppan-grilled Foie Gras and Eggs," "Teppan-grilled Abalone," and "Wagyu Steak.
    " The staff also warmly welcome first-time customers and create a relaxed atmosphere for enjoying a meal.
    Teppan DINING Saya is well-known as a hidden gem restaurant for adults.
     The moody atmosphere inside the restaurant is ideal for special occasions or entertaining guests.
     The chefs are dedicated to using carefully selected ingredients and cooking them with precision.
     Particularly, the "Premium Course," "Teppan-grilled Ise Lobster," and "Assortment of Seasonal Grilled Vegetables" are highly recommended.
    Please visit Teppan DINING Saya for a unique dining experience.


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