Reservation for Teppanyaki Teppanryori Shaku Kabe in Tokyo

updated: June 14th, 2024

Teppanryori Shaku - Enjoy delicious teppanyaki cuisine in Ome City, Tokyo. Indulge in flavorful meat dishes and experience excellent service. Located conveniently near Kawabe Station.

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    Teppanryori Shaku is a restaurant located in Kawanabe-cho, Ome City, Tokyo.
     The establishment is conveniently accessible by a 3-minute walk from the north exit of Kawabe Station on the JR Ome Line, and there is also a dedicated parking lot nearby for those arriving by car.
     The interior of the restaurant exudes cleanliness and offers 14 seats, including 6 counter seats and 8 tables.
    At Teppanryori Shaku, you can enjoy teppanyaki cuisine.
     The meat dishes, in particular, have garnered praise, with some customers expressing a desire to only come back for the meat on their next visit.
     The restaurant is also known for its accommodating service, willing to fulfill special requests for dessert plates, ensuring a satisfying dining experience even for families.
    The skilled chefs at Teppanryori Shaku strive for excellence in their choice of ingredients and seasoning.
     The flavoring and cooking techniques applied to the meat dishes are especially impressive.
     The restaurant's clean and welcoming ambiance enhances the enjoyment of the meal.
    Teppanryori Shaku proudly offers specialty dishes from Miyazaki Prefecture, as well as creative menu options.
     Other choices include set meals and hiyajiru, among other diverse options.
    We urge you to visit Teppanryori Shaku and indulge in delicious, ingredient-focused cuisine in a clean and inviting environment.


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