Reservation for Teppanyaki Sakura Shinjuku in Tokyo

updated: May 19th, 2024

Teppanyaki Sakura - A renowned teppanyaki restaurant located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Experience exquisite teppanyaki dishes and enjoy a delightful ambiance.

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    "Teppanyaki Sakura" is a restaurant located in Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.
     The establishment is situated along Meiji-dori, close to the Totsuka Police Station and AOKI Men's Clothing store.
     It is conveniently accessible, with a 5-minute walk from Higashi-kanda-Bara Station on the Tozai Line and Nishi-Waseda Station on the Fukutoshin Line, and a 10-minute walk from both Takadanobaba Station on the JR Line and Takadanobaba Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line.
    The interior of the restaurant offers a variety of seating options, including counter seats, table seats, semi-private rooms, and fully private rooms, accommodating a total of 23 guests.
     The atmosphere is serene, allowing guests to enjoy their meals in a relaxed setting.
    The restaurant's popular offering is the "Teppanyaki Sakura Special Course," where guests can witness the preparation of their dishes right before their eyes.
     The "Angelic Shrimp" and "Sirloin Steak" are also recommended menu items.
     Each dish is crafted with a focus on high-quality ingredients and meticulous cooking techniques, guaranteeing a satisfying dining experience.
    The chefs employed at Teppanyaki Sakura are seasoned professionals, dedicated to bringing out the best flavors from the ingredients they use.
     The renowned dishes, such as the "Teppanyaki Sakura Special Course" and the "Angelic Shrimp," highlight their technique and unique ideas.
    We invite you to savor delicious cuisine and enjoy a delightful ambiance at "Teppanyaki Sakura."


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