Reservation for Teppanyaki Steak Kisentei Roppongi in Tokyo

updated: May 10th, 2024

Teppanyaki Steak Kisentei, a renowned restaurant located in Tokyo Midtown, offers delicious teppanyaki cuisine. Enjoy the panoramic view while savoring their high-quality meat dishes.

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    "Teppanyaki Steak Kisentei" is located in Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, on the 3rd floor of Tokyo Midtown Galleria Garden Terrace.
     It is conveniently accessible via Exit 8 of Roppongi Station on the Toei Oedo Line or a 4-minute walk from Exit 4a of Roppongi Station on the Hibiya Subway Line.
     The restaurant has 42 seats, and the counter seats offer a panoramic view.
    This restaurant offers teppanyaki cuisine by Imahan, a renowned restaurant in Ningyocho.
     The course menu includes a variety of dishes such as appetizers, clams, sashimi, and abalone.
     The clams are especially large and satisfying, and the soup has a flavorful broth.
     The sashimi is fresh, and the chewy texture of the abalone is also popular.
     The steak, with its marbling and tenderness, needs no further explanation than the term "marbling".
     The service is attentive, and the cozy atmosphere is the highlight.
    As a branch of Imahan, this restaurant guarantees the quality of the meat.
     The abalone and seasonal vegetables are perfectly grilled, showcasing the skills of the chefs.
     Guests can also enjoy their meal while overlooking the Midtown Garden.
     It is particularly recommended to visit during the cherry blossom season for the best view.
    At this restaurant, you can enjoy various appetizers and course menus.
     The host's consideration allows for small portions of dishes other than meat, such as foie gras, sea bream, and meat sushi.
     The garlic rice and dessert as a finale are also excellent.
    Located within Midtown, this Teppanyaki restaurant offers changing seasonal menus and delicious dishes.
     Starting with seasonal appetizers, it progresses to clams, soup, and meat sushi, perfect with drinks.
     The choice of main meat can be between sirloin or fillet, and the tenderness and cooking are never disappointing.
     The vegetable side dishes are also delicious, and the garlic rice is perfectly seasoned.
    This restaurant is a traditional, long-standing establishment that has been serving high-quality black wagyu since 1895.
     The chefs meticulously prepare exquisite dishes using top-grade black wagyu and seasonal ingredients.
     Please visit us at least once.


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