Reservation for YAKINIKU HEIJOEN Ginza in Tokyo

updated: June 10th, 2024

Enjoy authentic yakiniku in Ginza at Tokyo YAKINIKU HEIJOEN Ginza 5-Chome. Indulge in exquisite meats and delicious flavors. Don't miss out!

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    Tokyo YAKINIKU HEIJOEN Ginza 5-Chome is a restaurant located in the Ginza district of Chuo, Tokyo.
     It is conveniently located just a 2-minute walk from the Ginza Station, making it easily accessible.
     The restaurant has 78 seats and offers both table seating and private rooms (additional charges apply for the private rooms).
    At this restaurant, you can enjoy yakiniku lunches and course meals.
     Recommended menu items include individual yakiniku with additional horumon (offal) and lunch meat with extra portions.
     The set soup is also highly regarded for its delicious taste.
    The chefs use high-quality meats and carefully prepare them.
     In particular, the yakiniku menu items such as horumon and kalbi (short ribs) are exquisite, and you are sure to be satisfied with their flavor and texture.
    The restaurant itself has a chic and luxurious atmosphere, with a high level of cleanliness.
     The service is also attentive, and the staff is known for their excellent customer service.
    Furthermore, the menu is well-rounded, offering a variety of options.
     This allows for a wide range of preferences to be accommodated.
    Tokyo YAKINIKU HEIJOEN Ginza 5-Chome is highly recommended for those who want to enjoy authentic yakiniku in Ginza.
     Please visit us when you get the chance.


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