Reservation for Yakiniku USHIMITSU NISHIAZABU Roppongi in Tokyo

updated: May 17th, 2024

Indulge in delicious yakiniku at USHIMITSU NISHIAZABU in Tokyo's Minato Ward. The perfect place to savor high-quality grilled meat, with a range of unique flavor combinations. Experience exceptional service and a tranquil ambiance. Don't miss out on the Nishiazabu Rolled Wagyu Yukke and the Wagyu Tongue with Lemon. Visit us today!

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    "USHIMITSU NISHIAZABU" is a restaurant located in Nishiazabu, Minato Ward, Tokyo.
     The establishment is a 10-minute walk from Roppongi Station and Hiroo Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line.
     The restaurant can accommodate up to 20 guests and has two private rooms for four people and two private rooms for six people.
    This restaurant specializes in high-quality yakiniku (Japanese grilled meat) and is particularly well-known for its "Nishiazabu Rolled Wagyu Yukke" and "Caviar," as well as its "Wagyu Tongue with Lemon" dish.
     The unique flavor combinations, such as the "Sirloin Side with Apple Ginger Sauce," are also highly praised.
    The chefs at USHIMITSU NISHIAZABU pay great attention to the quality of the ingredients and prepare each dish with care.
     The yakiniku is especially prepared by the staff at the table, ensuring the perfect level of cooking.
     Other recommended dishes include the "Ushimitsu Rice," cooked in a clay pot, and the "Ushimitsu Houjicha Ice Cream" for dessert.
    USHIMITSU NISHIAZABU offers a tranquil ambiance and provides attentive service.
     The restaurant features exclusively private rooms, allowing guests to enjoy their meals without any distractions.
    We invite you to visit USHIMITSU NISHIAZABU and indulge in delicious yakiniku and exceptional service.


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