Reservation for Wagyu Yakiniku Ushi WAKA Maru Shimbashi in Tokyo

updated: July 25th, 2024

Discover delicious yakiniku in Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Indulge in high-quality Wagyu beef and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere.

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    Wagyu Yakiniku Ushi WAKA Maru Shimbashi is located in Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
     It is situated on the 1st floor of APA Hotel Shimbashi Onarimon.
     The restaurant is a 6-minute walk from Onarimon Station on the Toei Mita Line, and a 7-minute walk from Daimon Station on the Toei Asakusa Line.
    At this restaurant, you can enjoy delicious yakiniku (Japanese BBQ).
     There are 25 seats available, providing a calm atmosphere for dining.
    The chefs focus on using high-quality ingredients and prepare the dishes with great care.
     Particularly noteworthy are the specialty dishes such as roast beef and yukke (raw beef dish).
     They also offer a variety of seasonings, including four types of salt and three types of sauce, to enhance the flavor of the meat.
    In addition, they have menu items such as "Wagyu Rare Beef Bowl," curry, and udon noodles.
     These dishes are all reasonably priced at 1,000 yen or less, allowing you to fully enjoy the taste of the meat.
    We invite you to visit Wagyu Yakiniku Ushi WAKA Maru Shimbashi.
     Delicious yakiniku and a wonderful atmosphere are waiting for you.


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