Reservation for Yakiniku Inoue Kichijoji in Tokyo

updated: May 31th, 2024

Enjoy premium yakiniku at reasonable prices at Yakiniku Inoue Kichijoji in Musashino City, Tokyo. Located just a 2-minute walk from Kichijoji Station, indulge in delicious meats and a comfortable dining experience. Try their lunch hittsumabushi or savor raw meat dishes like INOUE Yukke and Toro Taku. Skilled chefs and excellent service await you. Don't miss out on a great yakiniku experience in Kichijoji.

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    Yakiniku Inoue Kichijoji is located in Kichijoji Honcho, Musashino City, Tokyo.
     It is just a 2-minute walk from the north exit of JR Chuo Line Kichijoji Station.
     The restaurant has 78 seats and can accommodate up to 30 people for private reservations.
    At this restaurant, you can enjoy premium yakiniku at reasonable prices.
     They have a wide selection of delicious meats, including lean cuts and rare parts.
     The staff is young and friendly, providing a comfortable dining experience for you and your friends or family.
    During weekdays for lunch, you can order hittsumabushi, a dish with plenty of lean meat on top of rice.
     It's a great option for those who want to enjoy yakiniku during lunchtime.
     They also offer other affordable lunch menus on weekdays, making it a perfect choice for a lunch in Kichijoji.
    Moreover, Yakiniku Inoue Kichijoji has a great variety of raw meat dishes.
     It's a recommended place for those who love raw meat or want to enjoy it even during the day.
     INOUE Yukke, Toro Taku, and Tsurami (cheek meat) sashimi are particularly popular, and you won't be disappointed with their deliciousness.
    The skilled chefs at Yakiniku Inoue Kichijoji are dedicated to using high-quality ingredients and cooking with care.
     Their grilled shabu-shabu and instant smoked seared Yukke demonstrate their culinary expertise.
     The restaurant has a pleasant atmosphere, and the service is excellent according to reviews.
    If you're looking to enjoy yakiniku in Kichijoji, be sure to visit Yakiniku Inoue Kichijoji.


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