Reservation for Yakiniku ITADAKI Bashamichi Yokohama in Kanagawa

updated: June 07th, 2024

Here is a recommended yakiniku restaurant in Yokohama. For delicious grilled meat in Yokohama, look no further than Yakiniku ITADAKI Bashamichi.

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    Yakiniku ITADAKI Bashamichi is a restaurant located in Aioi-cho, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture.
     It is conveniently accessible on foot from Bashamichi Station and Kannai Station.
     The interior has a cozy atmosphere with 38 seats available.
    The restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday, from 17:00 to 23:00, with the last entry at 22:00.
     The last order for the dinner course is at 21:00.
    At Yakiniku ITADAKI Bashamichi, you can enjoy delicious grilled meat.
     The quality of the meat is highly regarded, and every cut served is said to be delicious.
     The tongue and harami (skirt steak) are particularly popular cuts, and they can be enjoyed with salt or wasabi, or in a sukiyaki-style preparation.
    The special curry is also a popular menu item.
     All the dishes are carefully prepared, showcasing the skills of the chefs.
    Yakiniku ITADAKI Bashamichi is a wonderful restaurant where you can enjoy delicious grilled meat.
     We invite you to come and experience it for yourself.


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