Reservation for Yakiniku Kanryu Shokusai SOYON Kitashinchi in Osaka

updated: June 03th, 2024

Yakiniku Kanryu Shokusai SOYON, located in Osaka City, Kita-ku, is a popular yakiniku and Korean cuisine restaurant. Enjoy a wide selection of delicious kimchi and tasty grilled meat.

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    Yakiniku Kanryu Shokusai SOYON is located in Osaka City, Kita-ku, Dojimahama.
     It is a 5-minute walk from Kitashinchi Station.
     The restaurant has table seating only, with a total of 46 seats.
     It is open from 18:00 to 5:00 the next morning (last order at 4:30), Monday to Saturday, and closed on Sundays and holidays.
    At this restaurant, you can enjoy yakiniku and Korean cuisine.
     Samgyeopsal and kimchi are particularly popular menu items.
     There are also 4 private rooms available, accommodating 4 to 12 people.
    The chefs here take pride in their ingredients and carefully prepare each dish.
     The variety and deliciousness of the kimchi, in particular, have received high praise.
     Other recommended dishes include thick-cut tongue and seafood chapche.
    Yakiniku Kanryu Shokusai SOYON is a popular choice among repeat customers in the Kitashinchi area.
     The spacious seating and smoking-friendly atmosphere are also appreciated.
     The dishes are served quickly, and every menu item is said to be delicious.
    Please visit Yakiniku Kanryu Shokusai SOYON and enjoy their wide selection of kimchi and tasty yakiniku.


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