Reservation for Yakiniku Kappo YPryu Soemoncho Honten Nihonbashi in Osaka

updated: June 04th, 2024

Yakiniku Kappo YPryu Soemoncho Honten is a must-visit yakiniku restaurant in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture. Enjoy high-quality grilled meats in a cozy atmosphere.

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    Yakiniku Kappo YPryu Soemoncho Honten is located in Soemoncho, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture.
     It can be easily accessed from Japan-bashi Station on the Subway Sen-Nichimae Line (3-minute walk), Namba Station on the Subway Midosuji Line (5-minute walk), and Namba Station on the Nankai Line (6-minute walk).
    The restaurant has 32 seats, including counter seats, table seats, and private rooms.
     It is open from 17:00 to 23:00, with last order for food at 22:00.
    At Yakiniku Kappo YPryu Soemoncho Honten, they offer delicious yakiniku (grilled meat) dishes, with a wide range of cuts from lean meat to organ meats beautifully presented.
     They also have visually stunning dishes like the "Staircase Assortment."
    The skilled chefs take pride in using high-quality ingredients, and their signature dishes such as "Yukke Trio Assortment," "Salted Tongue," and "Staircase Assortment" are particularly popular.
     The restaurant's cozy atmosphere makes it a great choice for a date or special occasion.
    Yakiniku Kappo YPryu Soemoncho Honten offers a self-grilling style, allowing you to enjoy the meats with various seasonings such as salt and dipping sauces.
     The service is also on par with that of an izakaya (Japanese pub), ensuring a satisfying dining experience in terms of both food quality and service.
    We highly recommend paying a visit to Yakiniku Kappo YPryu Soemoncho Honten.


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