Reservation for Yakiniku Masaka Meieki Nagoya in Aichi

updated: June 03th, 2024

Enjoy high-quality grilled meat in Nagoya at Yakiniku Masaka Meieki. Located in Nishi-ku, Aichi, this restaurant offers delicious and well-seasoned dishes. Don't miss their popular Kalbi and Fillet Steak. Experience the best of Yakiniku in Nagoya here.

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    Yakiniku Masaka Meieki is located in Nishi-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, and is about a 7 to 10-minute walk from Nagoya Station.
     The restaurant has 48 seats, including 35 table seats, 5 counter seats, and 2 private rooms.
    This restaurant is highly praised for the quality of its meat, especially the Kalbi, which has a delightful sweetness in its fat.
     However, be careful not to overcook it.
     If the grill gets dirty, you can request for it to be replaced.
    The dishes here are all well-seasoned, with flavors that complement the meat perfectly.
     The Fillet Steak is particularly delicious and very popular.
     The menu offers a limited selection of side dishes, with the focus being on the grilled meat.
    The chefs here are dedicated to using high-quality ingredients and pay meticulous attention to their cooking.
     The Hormone, in particular, is praised for its lack of any unpleasant odor and its great taste.
    In terms of accessibility, it's also possible to reach Yakiniku Masaka Meieki in about a 5-minute walk from Kamejima Station.
    Yakiniku Masaka Meieki stands out for its high-quality meat and rich seasoning.
     If you're looking to enjoy some delicious grilled meat in Nagoya, be sure to visit this restaurant.


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